What to Do When Things Don’t Go Your Way?


A young woman suddenly creates such chaos on social media. She angrily posts not only the anger within herself but also the most private thing that should be covered from the public. Many people tell her to control herself. However, it seems she has no such ears to listen to.

Time goes by and she has done beyond the limits. Some people finally found out that the woman can’t accept what has happened to her and her baby. She got divorced just because she couldn’t curb her tongue while speaking to her husband. She can’t accept the fact that now her ex-husband ignores her. He, then, married another woman and lives happily. And his ex-wife? She lives desperately in anger and revenge.

We often find ourselves in a situation we would prefer not to be in. Perhaps we plan something to go on our way, but then it turns out to be something completely different. Then it stresses us out; it leaves us depressed and we blame everyone.

What should we do then? Will we always be stuck between hopes and reality?

Life has its ups and downs. Happiness doesnโ€™t mean we always have things our way. These are some options to take when we face a situation we dislike.

1. Accept It
Try to completely accept the situation, the physical and emotional pain, and every little thing related to the past that may hurt you. It might be hard at first; often frustrating at times, but you can manage it well once you take much effort to do so.

The only thing to bear in mind is acceptance doesn’t mean you can’t change anything; doesn’t mean that things will be that way forever. That’s a big no-no. You can change your perspective and choose to live peacefully or else you fight against the whole world and live miserably.

Accept the fact that now you walk on a different path. Acceptance is like providing a shield to protect yourself. It’s hard to practice acceptance when you wish things were different. Instead of waiting in front of the closed door, why don’t you try to turn around and see what lies around you?

2. Turn Anger and Pain into the Fuel to Keep Going
Anger will get you nowhere. It will consume your whole energy. Instead, you can use it as fuel to keep going and lead you to great success and even happiness.

3. Forgive Yourself
Do not blame yourself for everything that you canโ€™t control. Love and forgive yourself. If it’s not you, then who will love you?

4. Be Flexible in Every Situation
Don’t be so hard on yourself for the bad things that happen to you. Sometimes good things happened when they’re unplanned.

5. Think Like There is No Box in Life
It is making assumptions that hold us back more than anything else in this world. Do not imprison yourself. Do not think out of the box, but think like there is no box in life.

Sometimes you can get hurt in order to grow or even lose something to gain something better. Unfortunately, the lesson you need the most can only be learned through a little pain. Be OK with all of them.


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