it's okay to say you're not okay

It’s Okay to Say You’re Not Okay

It’s okay to say you’re not okay. It’s okay to break down and cry. It’s okay to let the world know that you’re not okay. It’s okay to not always be okay.

You don’t have to be okay all the way. Whenever you’re upset, somebody tells you that everything’s gonna be okay, but when will it be okay? Today? Or the next day?

Some of us have no answer to the question. Why? Because we don’t allow ourselves to heal. We don’t give ourselves time to breathe and jump back into the life. We always pretend that, “Hey, I’m good. There’s nothing wrong with me.”

Take a rest for a while

We don’t have to be strong all the time, fellas. If at once you wanna cry, just do it. Taking care our mental health doesn’t make us look weak. Instead, that shows how we love ourselves.

Talking to the therapists is NOT for the wobby person. Instead, asking for help to others is a sign of strength. Yeah, that means you have such great self acceptance.

Whenever you’re overwhelmed, accept it and take a rest for a while. I know we have to keep going, but make sure you’re full of power just before doing so.

You’re allowed to talk about your problems

Life can be hard at times. Pretending you’re okay while you’re not, makes you exhausted.

Being real about not being okay to the ones you trust is indeed a good start. You can talk your problems to them. Admitting you’re not okay helps you get ready to roll.

You don’t need to be perfect as if you can have it all together. Striving for perfection to keep your image as a strong person, will bring much pressure into your life.

What can you do for self-heal?

Self-healing might sound hard for some people, but actually it is not as complicated as you think.

Self-healing can be used to let go of the unfinished business you left behind. Here are things you can do for self-healing:

  • Having a ‘me time’

Having a ‘me time’ means you allow yourselves to recognize what happens within your soul. You try to figure out how priceless you are. Everybody else can wait, but you are responsible to give yourselves time.

  • Be at peace with yourself

How to be at peace with yourself? All you can do is accept the present moment as what it is. You can’t change the situation even if you want to, but you can enjoy the ‘ride’ of your life. Trying to hand in hand with present moment will help you release the past. More often we spend much time to burden ourselves with what had lost, instead of enjoying what we have around us.

  • Try to write

I believe that writing can be a good method to self-heal. Try to provide yourself at least twenty to thirty minutes to write. You don’t have to write such long essay, just write freely. The style of your writing is not important, it is not a writing class, though. Once you’ve written out what’s burdened you, read it aloud just before you burn it out.

Fellas, it’s indeed okay to not be okay as long as you don’t stop trying to be better along the way.

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