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Are You Having “CLBK”?


Hey… Hey… Hey… Have you ever been in a situation like you’re having things called “CLBK”? You run into old flames after some years and then suddenly boom… You’re trapped into the same feeling one more time.

I know, it’s really hard to forget old things, especially when it comes with first love, right? I’m sure you are familiar with a saying old flame never dies or something like old flames die hard. In Bahasa Indonesia, we can say “cinta pertama tak pernah mati”.

My friend’s love story reminds me of an expression I used to know. What’s that?

When you try to rebuild or reconnect a relationship with someone you once broke up with, this is called rekindle old flames or CLBK in bahasa Indonesia.

For example:

1. Anthony and I are rekindling old flames.

2. I don’t know why but I can’t deny that feeling I have with him. So I decide to rekindle old flames.

3. Sarah just can’t live without James. So when she found out James was no longer married, she rekindled old flames. They live happily now.

You get it? Rekindle old flames = CLBK

Happy weekend

Barakallhu fiik

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