Februari 9, 2019

That’s Really A Turnoff!

turnoff phrasal verb, lose interest, turn someone off


Hello there, hiya! It’s been ages since I haven’t written down English lessons. Something has turned me off today, but I do hope everything’s gonna be in a pie order.

Well, have you ever been in a situation that you feel bored and disgusted? Or you find someone or something is embarrasing and unappealing? Or something causes you having lack of enthusiasm and interest? If yes, how do you express it in English?

One of my friends told me her grossy experience. A man liked her and he texted her every now and again. Once, he texted her like, “Hey, what are you doing?”.  Having sick and tired of what he did, my friend replied him like “I’m now flicking the boogers and licking them. You wanna some?”.

I, then, said to her, “Eewww…yikes, that’s really a turnoff!”

What I’m going to say is when you feel like someone or something is disgusting or embarrassing, you can say “that’s a turnoff.”

Also, when you have really good time then suddenly something takes the feeling away, you can say, “That thing turns me off” or “what a turnoff!”.


I am chiling out on a couch with my book. Then suddenly a friend of mine plays the music on her mobile phone. It’s so louder that I could be deaf. So I’m telling her, “That music is a turnoff!”

That’s it. Now, can you use the phrase turnoff on your own?

Smell you later, fellas.

Barakallahu fiik

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